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Summer Session will be held July 10th - August 5th, 2017

​​Our Mission Statement :

​Our mission is to provide children in our community with the opportunity to explore and hone their dance skills, pursue their passions, and realize their potential in a positive atmosphere built on commitment to enthusiasm, expertise and excellence.

MONDAY5:30-6:15pm Level 3 Hip Hop
5:30-6:15pm Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Acro 3-5 years

6:15-7:00pm All Boy Hip Hop6:15-7:00pm Level 3 Tap

7:00-7:45pm Level 4 Hip Hop7:00-7:45pm Level 3 Ballet/Technique

7:45-8:30pm Level 4 / Adult Hip Hop
TUESDAY5:30-6:15pm Level 1&2 Hip Hop5:30-6:15pm Level 1&2 Tap

6:15-7:00pm Level 1&2 Ballet6:15-7:00pm Level 4 Tap

7:00-7:45pm Level 1&2 Jazz7:00-7:45pm Level 4 Tap

7:45-8:30pm Level 4 Technique7:45-8:30pm Teen/Adult Tap

8:30-9:00pm Level 4 / Adult

Cardio / Workout / Strength

WEDNESDAY5:30-6:15pm Level 1&2 Tumbling5:30-6:15pm Level 3 Ballet 

6:15-7:00pm Level 3&4 Tumbling6:15-7:00pm Level 1&2 Ballet/Technique

7:00-7:45pm Level 3 Technique7:00-7:45pm Level 1&2 Tap

7:45-8:15pm Level 3 Cardio/ Workout / Strength
THURSDAY5:30-6:15pm Level 3&4 Flexibility5:30-6:15pm Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Acro 3-5 years

6:15-7:00pm Level 4 Competition Block6:15-7:00pm Level 3 Competition Block

7:00-7:45pm Level 4 Competition Block7:00-7:45pm Level 3 Competition Block

7:45-8:30pm Level 4 Competition Block7:45-8:30pm Intermediate/Advanced Hip Hop

8:30-9:00pm Level 4 / Adult

Cardio / Workout / Strength

9:30-10:00am Mommy & Me

10:00-10:45am Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Acro 3-4 years

10:45-11:30am Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Acro 5-6 years